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An Essential Oil Diffuser that actually works with no BS attached

  • Listed: May 13, 2019 19:40
  • Expires: 52 days, 17 hours

For months, I had been trying to find the perfect way to fragrance rooms and find something that ‘stuck around’ after its initial release. I tried everything from plug-ins to candles to incense sticks/cones, and out of all the items I tested, the closest to getting anything to smell nice was with the incense sticks. I found plenty that smelt like an old turd but that was me just being cheap. The negative to incense sticks and cones is the (mass) smoke they produce and the messy clean-up after they have been spent. I was cleaning ash up from every orifice.

Over a course of weeks, I purchased dozens of sticks and cones produced from different Countries – the better quality cones and sticks are from India, avoid them on Wish.com. I must admit that some of the cheaper ones smelt like dog shit but in general they were quite reasonable at between 80p-£1 per box (SJ Market Stall), so I wasn’t losing a fortune. The best fragrances are from a company called Stamford however, the smoke produced from these are no good if you are asthmatic or have breathing problems because they will get on your chest.

I then found an Essential Oil Diffuser on an Amazon search, the Ad stated that they last for several hours with just a few drops of oil, they were good for therapy and contribute to a good nights sleep with a load of other benefits listed. They were either bullshitting on their advert or they have something worth having a go with. The diffuser was £15.00 from Amazon, a bit more risky spending this money than what I was used to spending on fragrance but, I talked myself into it. I ordered the item with some oils and it arrived the day after with the good old reliable Amazon Prime.

The pack of oils that I purchased, which had been recommended (VictSing) with the product, I found to be fairly weak in scent and you needed to use 20-30 drops to get a slight smell and not the advertised 3-5 drops. A few days later, I found that SJ on the market also sold the essential oils, and their oils kicked arse compared to the more expensive oils I had purchase. SJ essential oils are strong and only required a few drops to make the room smell incredible.

I recommend SJ on the Market, they have at least 15 different scents and the few that I have tested so far have been brilliant – only £1.50 a bottle and you only use a few drops per usage, so they will last you a few weeks.

The Diffuser itself is very easy to setup – it is basically plug n play. Fill with cold water to the fill line and then add a few drops of oil, put the lid back on and then turn on. On the small unit I had (200ml), it had 3 options, continuous, 1 hour or 3 hours. It also had 15 different colour LED’s that you can have on or off – the lights are what give you a soothing atmosphere.  On the 3 hour setting, the fragrance will continue to linger for several hours after use. I find that even after a full day at work, there is still a pleasant scent in the air.

I had this 200ml unit for a couple of months and decided to move it into a smaller room and upgrade to this diffuser.

This diffuser is superb, it comes with a 700ml tank so I get more than double the time, and I found that I am using roughly the same amount of oil (3-5 drops) that I used in the smaller tank. The large tank will give you about 8-9hours of usage before it needs to be refilled. The options are continuous, 1hour, 3hours and 6hours with LED Lights that can be on or off. The LED Lights are auto-changing and work well as a night-light. The diffuser will automatically shut off when the water runs out, so no damage caused.

Other benefits include:

  • Automatic switch off
  • Easy to use
  • Large tank
  • Fragrance lasts a long time and covers a wide area
  • Great for aromatherapy
  • Promotes a good night’s sleep
  • Very quiet motor that is surprisingly therapeutic

At a competitive price of £26.99. I purchased a second unit to have in the bedroom at night. I select what fragrance I am in the mood for and with the accompaniment of the quiet motor and slight dripping sound (it’s like listening to rain). It is nice to wake up to a fresh, clear and bright feeling with a slight fragrance in the air. Dependent on which oil I am using, the smell can float downstairs and into the hallway 🙂

Fragrances for the best results/lingering scents are; Fresh Linen, Sea Breeze, Creed, Angel, Violet, Lavender and Baby Powder – all available for £1.50 a bottle at SJ Market Stall

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