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Hero or Role Model?...  


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14/07/2018 7:53 pm  

'Hero' a word I would use to describe the fighting men and women (both past and present) who have served in all wars fighting for their Country....

'Hero' a word I would use to describe Firefighters putting their lives on the line every day....

'Hero' a word I would use to describe paramedics, doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and all NHS workers who save lives day in day out....

'Hero' a word I would use to describe the police officers who protect and serve...

'Hero' a word I would use to describe the scientists and researchers, who work to find cures for diseases and design clinical equipment to help save peoples lives....

'Hero' a word I would use to describe someone who has rescued or saved someone from fatality...

I look up to my 'Role Models' for inspiration. Someone you aspire to be... a parent, a relative, a sports star, a celebrity, a teacher, a community worker, someone who has a heart of gold.

A footballer is not a HERO! A footballer is a role model.... who is paid (ridiculous amounts of) money to do their job!

Hero's are people who do an invaluable act of kindness for another person.

A hero does not get sponsorships worth £1000's or bring in annual salaries of more than £1 million.

Bury Council short of money? But will spend how much on this ceremony?

What a load of bollocks... http://www.burytimes.co.uk/news/16352232.kieran-trippier-to-be-awarded-the-freedom-of-bury-for-england-world-cup-heroics/


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